27 June 2009

Writing Prompt Sites

Sometimes you just need a little nudge to get the writing juices flowing. That is the idea behind writing prompts. It gets you writing and sometimes the results of the writing exercise leave you with an idea for a story.

Here are some sites with enough writing prompts to last you for a few years.

Hands - This is only a single writing prompt, but it yields some wonderful and unexpected results. Also, look around the site and you will find a lot of other prompts.

Writer's Digest - This site has several writing prompts that are to be completed in 500 words or fewer. There is a wide variety of topics and witing methods.

Creative Writing Prompts - There are 329 different writing prompts on this site. Just roll your mouse over a number and it shows you the writing prompt.

Daily Writing Prompts - There are prompts for each day in July. Most of the prompts are based on something about that day, like the day E.B. White was born and National Joke Day. On the main page you can select a different month.

Have fun with these, and feel free to post you results.

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