22 January 2010

Writing Prompt – Snowed In

Use the following writing prompt in a ten minute free-write. Set your timer and just write. Do not stop to think about where your story is going. It can be enlightening to see where your sub-conscious takes you.

You are in a log cabin in Alaska. It has been snowing heavily all night and you awake to find yourself snowed in. There is no phone (including your cell phone), no electricity, and no transportation to take you into town. You are alone.

Here are some questions to keep you writing:
  • What do you notice about your surroundings? Describe the cabin and the immediate area around it.
  • How do you survive until help comes, or do you survive?
  • What do you do to pass time?
  • What thoughts go through your head? Do you relive memories from your childhood, think of survival movies?
  • Do you try to leave the cabin or do you stay in the shelter?
  • What brought you to Alaska in the first place? Do you live there or are your vacationing?