09 January 2010

Dreamfever by Karen Marie Moning Book Review

Finally, after an extended delay, here is the book review of Dreamfever by Karen Marie Moning. This is the fourth installment in the fever series, and I must say, this is the book I have been waiting for since the first one.

Mac is back and Mac 3.0 is badass. The Unseelie princes broke her down – completely emptied her of any thoughts except her desire for them. Jericho Barrons built her back up better than ever. Mac trades her pink for black and her accessories of bracelets and scarves for guns and blades. Mac wants revenge for every injustice given to her, and that includes those who she thought were one her side. Alliances have changed and merged. Mac is stronger, smarter, and more patient. She has learned from previous mistakes and she starts to plan and conspire. 

Dreamfever is a book that can stand on its own. Previous books in the series seemed lacking. Those books felt like transition books – not much action, just a lot of waiting for the final climax on the last five pages. There were also a lot of questions but very few answers to satisfy. Dreamfever has constant motion and action. There are several mini-climaxes scattered throughout the book. Moning also starts to answers some of the burning questions that have been in the minds of readers. Moning even answers the the mistery of what is under the garage at Barrens Books and Babbles. 

My biggest disappoint of the book? There is very little of the yummy Seelie prince V’lane, but it is not an oversight on Moning’s part. There is a very important reason he disappears from the cast of characters, but Moning is not fully explaining yet and I am not telling either. 
If you have read the first three books, I highly recommend that you continue reading.. I considered dropping this series after book three, but I am glad that I gave Moning another chance. She has managed to rebuild my anticipation for the last book. I cannot wait!

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