23 May 2009

Faefever Review

I just finished the third book in Karen Marie Moning's Fever series, Faefever. I previously said that her second book was a transitional book, but this one was the same. The entire book was to get us to one point and then ends in a cliffhanger. I still thoroughly enjoyed the book. It was a great light read and I like seeing the changes that come over Mac, but I think the story could have been condensed into to a trilogy instead of whatever number of books it is going to be.

As you figured, Mac is back, along with the rest of the cast, Barrons, Dani, Rowena, Christian, Inspector Jayne, O'Bannion, Fiona, miscellaneous Unseelie, and the Sinsar Dubh. If it is the dead-by-sex Fae that you are interested in, I am afraid you will have to wait quite sometime in the book to get any serious action. V'lane is way "muted" trying to stay in Mac's good graces.

It turns out that Halloween is the perfect time for the Unseelie to attempt to break through the barriers, so the good guys (the ones against the Unseelie, anyway) need to join forces and perform rituals and spells to keep the walls between the worlds standing. Of course, nothing and no one is as they seem. Your head will spin trying straighten out who is really on the side of good and who is one the side of bad. I've come to the conclusion that everyone is in this for themselves and screw everyone else.

You can see the transformation in Mac. In Faefever she takes action herself. She chooses her own allies, devises her own plans, and attempts to execute them. She is new to this, so it is not her fault when her plans do not turn out how she wants them too.

I give this book 6 out 10 because it created enough interest that I want to buy the fourth book just to find out what happens next! On its own the book isn't overly exciting or original.

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