07 June 2009

Writing Prompt - Planting a Garden

I am still reading I Am Legend (which is available at 60% off at Amazon). Did you know that it is a short story? I had no clue until the story ended halfway through the book. The other shorts have slowed me down and I did almost no reading on my vacation. I am hoping to have the review up this week. I am looking forward to the next book,The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun by Tolkien.

In the meantime, here is a writing prompt for those who enjoy them:

In one hundred words exactly, write about a garden you have planted. This can be a garden you planted as a child with your grandfather or a garden you planted this spring with your granddaughter. Did you come across any strange bugs, or injure your back? Maybe you discovered rocks have migrated once again into your yard. It could also be about maintaining the garden. The details are wide open.

The shortness of the story does not make it easier. It makes it more difficult because you must convey everything and create interest in very few words. You must choose your words with care.

When you have finished, post your story in the Comments section to share with others. If it is adequately strange, consider submitting it as a Drabble with the podcast Dabblecast. They read "strange stories by strange listeners" and have a segment devoted to stories that are 100 words.

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